Membership Guidelines

To apply for HDAA membership, you must belong to one of the following tiers.

Tier 1: Providers, Payers, Contractors, and Accredited Educational Institutions

Healthcare entities whose primary focus is to provide direct patient care and are affiliated with primary care organizations such as hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and nursing homes. This tier also includes payor (insurance) entities that finance or reimburse the cost of health services and professors/students that are involved in analytics programs or medical research programs/facilities associated with accredited educational institutions. Independent contractors that are currently under contract with primary care organizations belong to this tier. This group must use a valid email address of the organization for which they work. Their HDAA membership is terminated at the conclusion of their contract. Tier 1 participants have complete access to all HDAA lists and website information.

Tier 2: Specialty Care Providers, Physician Medical Groups, and Community Collaboratives

Providers that function as stand alone entities, which deliver specialty care to patients such as dialysis centers, imaging, orthopedic centers, physician medical groups, pre-natal and senior care facilities, etc. Laboratories, community coalitions, pharmacies, and other organizations that provide data used for patient care are considered part of this Tier. The members of this group can’t sell analytic offerings and obtain HDAA membership. Acceptance by these providers requires more careful processing and a commitment that the organization will not participate in marketing in any way or misuse the HDAA Membership List and Tools Inventory. Processing might involve a telephone call or a more thorough review of the background’s organization. Once accepted, Tier 2 participants have complete access to all HDAA lists and website information.

Tier 3: Regulatory, Research, and Government Agencies (Requires Comprehensive Vetting)

Those organizations that do not provide direct or indirect patient care, do not offer products or services to healthcare providers or payers, and thus are not considered vendors by other HDAA members. The organizations they represent include regulatory and/or government agencies (Federal, State, or Province), as well as research and policy advising firms that support regulatory and government agencies. These organizations work to create frameworks that encourage providers and payers to improve quality and reduce costs such as CMS, ONC, AHRQ, and RTI. Organizations/individuals from Tier 3 must undergo a more comprehensive vetting process indicating their commitment to HDAA, their relationship with specific healthcare organizations, and their assurance that there will be no marketing or misuse of the membership list or documents. As members of this group, they cannot use their membership to gain an advantage with any HDAA organizations or during any HDAA discussion involving exchange of ideas. Once accepted, Tier 3 participants have complete access to all HDAA lists and website information.

Any current member using HDAA for the purpose of soliciting sales or providing marketing will immediately be removed from the membership list.