Website To-Do's


Forum - functionality for user to request a new forum

The ability to add subtopics underneath one of the main topics.  For Data Governance, you might have the following subtopics: Data Stewardship, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Data Access and Protection.  These would be added by an administrator.

Thread Watching:  The ability to watch (receive emails upon a reply) a specific post that another user posted. 

Thread Notification:  The ability to get email notifications on responses to threads that you started.

Ability to do key word searches within a topic or subtopic.

Look into vended forum solutions (  Kris will look into



Template to access all files in admin. Currently, there are alot of board admin files (many from previous years) that reside on Blue Host, but are not surfaced to Drupal for access.  We need a template/module in Drupal to allow easy access to these documents. This will require some blue host file structure knowledge as well as some more advanced Drupal programming

General recommendations for changes to the site. Flow improvement, visual improvement, etc...

Cutover from HDWA to HDAA - Kris will look into


SIGS  - John (JD) Peters will look into this

Big Data Content ownership

Epic Content ownership

Data Governance page for uploading user documents.  Danny Probst from Intermountain is ready to start putting data governance documents into our website. 

We need to define the layout or structure for displaying documents for all SIG's so they are consistent. This will probably include adding a tab/page to each SIG 


Another Sig needs to be added - Pediatric

Owner will get us the "SIG information/content in the next week"

Need to create tabs

Need to create content on tabs (find another SIG content, and copy and change)