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Posted by Gina Dauer on

Has anyone started testing/implementing Epic's new Cogito Data Warehouse?  If so, I would be interested in learning about your experiences with it so far.

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Posted by Douglas Berman on

We have been piloting Cogito in a 'sandbox' environment and expect its star schemas a helpful simplification of Clarity our analysts will be able to use. 

We are hoping to import external (non-Epic) data to use alongside the Epic data and  looking closely at how open the data model is as well as how Epic and other tools integrate.

I'd love to hear other's experience.



 Doug Berman

UC San Francisco

Posted by Sarang Deshpande on
Doug - have you guys made any progress on the Cogito/CDW front yet? We at NYU Medical Center are also in the same boat with a sandbox environment, pulling in some data from Clarity...but we are still trying to identify some of the first use cases for it. We are on Epic 2012 and I don't see a lot of stuff delivered by Epic out-of-the-box from a reporting perspective, but it would be great to hear if your team has done anything meaningful with CDW yet.


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